Infiltration Airsoft

Hi-tech airsoft events in the United Kingdom

What our members are saying


Howard Flynn

What a day, best day airsofting i have had so far in over 2 years !!


Fred Pintaldi

What a great Idea, loved the first Op Valravn, looking forward for the next one, Infiltration Airsoft is a 100%...


Tom Newland

Just got back from my 1st milsim, 20 hours out in the field, sleeping with eye pro on under a...


David Puddefoot

Fantastic day, Infiltration Airsoft have brought Airsoft up to date with there great range of tech!

Operation Cerberus

Infiltration Operation Gear

ia-member-packWhen choosing your faction and booking a place in your first operation you will receive an Infiltration pack, containing your unique RFID membership wristband, death rag and Infiltration Airsoft patch.