Faction camouflage changes

As the war progresses and Britain slowly becomes more dystopian the factions are having to adapt to their environment. 

A note for all Flame and Rain factions, please feel free to customise your load-outs to feel more post apocalyptic for our events. We highly encourage this and will be giving out prizes for the best Rain and Flame post-apocalyptic player load-outs.

Rain Factions

All Rain factions now tie a yellow ribbon or band around their arm or chest rig to differentiate themselves from civilians and Flame troops. 


The FPA have...

Infiltration Airsoft in 2018

Hello all Rain, Flame, civilians, Maruaders and all you other folk. We would like to wish you a very Happy New Year! All here at Infiltration Airsoft are looking forward to 2018 being one of our biggest years yet. We have had some fantastic sites in the past, with fighting in disused nuclear bunkers, army barracks and some of the best urban environments in the UK. In 2018 we are kicking things off on March 17th with Spec Op: Cell at one of the UK's most exciting sites The Gaol a disused prison.


AMNB OVERVIEW - Infiltration Ops Operation Resurgence

It is a year on from Operation Cerberus where Rain and Flame troops entered the drug infested tunnels of Drakelow to re-start a powered down nuclear reactor. The war has taken a break in fighting due to the overwhelming number of civilian casualties caused by huge nuclear fallout from an exploding satellite during Operation Fallen Angel. With troops unable to take out both experimental power rods from the satellite the remaining rod exploded and is still causing illness and taking lives across the country.

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Operation Resurgence photography now live

Operation Resurgence photography is now live!

Website has buttons to share to facebook etc - if you do, please credit or on instagram @wyvern_larp 
You can purchase high res photography for a quid a go via the links on the website.

Operation Resurgence at Tac House Spartan coming April 15th

Looking forward to our comeback event Operation Resurgence at Tac House Spartan April 15th. Bring it on.