A new year for Infiltration Airsoft

Hello all! As it is the last day of 2016 I thought it would be best to properly announce this today. Infiltration Airsoft is back! (phew)

We had to take a break this year mainly due to losing all of our gear, props, tech, vehicles and more after being robbed. Overall I think we can all give a big resounding fuck you to 2016. 

The positive side is it has given me time to sit back and re-focus my efforts on re-structuring the company and look to its future. Overall IA relied a lot on the custom built tech in games, once something went down it affected a lot of things and took a lot of time to sort.

From the start I have wanted IA to be a fast paced, character driven, immersive airsoft game for everyone to enjoy and really be a part of and this is what I am focusing on.

So looking forward to 2017! We have our first event: Operation Resurgence. It will take place in April, the date, site and more details will be confirmed next week.

Just like to thank all our players for the constant nagging to bring IA back and for all of your previous support. We love airsoft and feel that we can bring something different to the table so that is why we do what we do. Really looking forward to 2017! Happy New Year all!

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