In a mutual agreement, both The Flame and The Rain officials have agreed that once a year, a ceasefire will commence, where troops will ordered to put down their weapons and come together in peace for one night. Many individuals caught up in the war have friends and family on opposing alliance, so this peace treaty will allow those people to see one another before continuing to come face to face in battle the following morning.

A drinks bar will be available at the party for all troops, along with a wagon full of meaty goods for your consumption. For your entertainment, live music will be played during the evening, providing you with the opportunity to show of your dance moves.

This years Ceasefire Party is to be held on 27th June 2015, during Operation Fallen Angel at the Sandpit in Kent. 

The Ceasefire Party is a strictly no weapon zone. We are however offering the opportunity for you to bring and equipment you wish to sell (or trade) as part of the the Ceasefire Jumble Sale. If you have any gear or weapons you are looking to move on, simply bring them along with you and set up your own mini stall.

Important: No magazines should be used in any guns for sale and no loaded magazines allowed at any time. If you wish to test out any potential purchases, do so the next morning before committing to buying.

In an attempt to try and bring the Marauders back into a civilised community, they have been invited to join in with the frivolity. Please bee vigilant, keeping a close eye on your women and children. It is likely they will bring a large supply of Devil’s Blessing with them to use and sell throughout the night. We urge all troops not to purchase this product as it can lead to hallucinations, with side affects including cannibalism and random acts of brutal violence to both yourself and anyone in close proximity.

We hope The Ceasefire will be a big hit amongst the troops and by coming together and discussing any differences will only help further your hatred for one another.

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