Faction camouflage changes

As the war progresses and Britain slowly becomes more dystopian the factions are having to adapt to their environment. 

A note for all Flame and Rain factions, please feel free to customise your load-outs to feel more post apocalyptic for our events. We highly encourage this and will be giving out prizes for the best Rain and Flame post-apocalyptic player load-outs.

Rain Factions

All Rain factions now tie a yellow ribbon or band around their arm or chest rig to differentiate themselves from civilians and Flame troops. 


The FPA have become a group of highly trained ex-soldiers posing a significant threat to the The Flame. They wear green camo be it woodland, urban or digital camouflage. Now synonymous with the FPA and the Rain. The FPA have also been adapting their uniforms to deal with their post-apocalyptic surroundings.


Camo: Civilian dress strongly encouraged, Woodland, Urban or Digital camo, Green (No black or tan) 

Guy's Army are the crack troops of The Rain. With their main objectives being more gorilla styled, like scouting Flame controlled areas and planting IEDs for this they need to blend in with the civilian populous.


Camo: Civilian Dress with mismatched military gear (think made, stolen or borrowed) - No black or tan

The Defiance draw mostly from the civilian population so don’t have access to much specialised military clothing. Their load outs tend to be civilian work clothing because this is hard wearing and warm. People around Britain don’t have access to Marks & Spencer’s, Zara or Pri-Mark, all clothing retailers closed when the country’s borders went into lockdown and imports were stopped, they now rely on cobbling together what they can to keep themselves warm and dry.

Photography and costume by our friend - Dust Monkey Apparel  

Flame Factions

All Flame factions now are starting to feel more worn and used.


Camo: Desert, Tan, Multicam, MTP

The Royal Guard are highly trained and fiercely loyal soldiers that make use of high end equipment to hunt down enemies and objectives. Still being the largest and most regimented faction of the Flame they wear their colours with pride. Yet like all the other factions The Royal Guard have also had to adapt their uniforms to deal with their post-apocalyptic surroundings.


Camo: PMC, Uniform (tan/black top & trousers) Desert, Tan, Multicam (No Civilian clothing)

The private militia units of Titan wear a miss match of military and special forces gear. Most of what they wear is second hand taken from fallen friends load-outs and repurposed in their efforts to survive confrontations with the Rain and Marauder forces.


Camo: Black, dark blue, tactical gear

Black Squad are on the front line every day enforcing order on the streets. They are constantly targeted by the Rain who now disguise themselves within the civilian population. Their uniforms are much more tactical to help them enforce the law. But as the years have gone on even their tactical uniforms are being adapted to their post-apocalyptic surroundings introducing more Armour and IED protection.

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