The new Infiltration Airsoft patches requested by our members have now arrived and will go on sale for the first time at our next event, Operation Liberation.

There are a few different options available to cater for both alliances, with The Flame patches available in black or multicam and solid green for The Rain. 

The patches were created for us by the awesome Patch Craft, who have done a fantastic job providing us with these high quality products. In the past they have created badges for many teams from all over the country and recently made an appearance on the front cover of Airsoft International magazine.

We are also looking to have a number of individual patches made for each faction within the alliances. These will include The Black Squad, Royal Guard and The Others for The Flame, as well as those for the FPA, Guys Army and The Hands representing The Rain.

All of our new members will continue to receive a free Infiltration Airsoft logo patch inside the member pack received when attending their first event.

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