If you have been following our Facebook page in recent weeks you will have noticed that we have been busy getting our new site ready for launch. Now we have finally announced that all guns are go, I didn’t want to forget about giving our branding a proper introduction, what it represents and why it was created. The branding had to represent what we – Infiltration Airsoft – do, it had to look and feel like an operation icon but be original and interesting at the same time. 

With Infiltration we are putting a big emphasis on our story lines. If you complete a mission during one operation it will not only affect the outcome of the day, but also how the next operation will pan out. For example, you and your team are handed a mission to capture a VIP from an enemy base, if you fail the person of interest may be available to the enemy team in the next operation, to fight alongside them or provide intel within game. If you were to succeed, the intel will become yours or you will have gained a great bargaining chip.

Our operations are very much a two sided event, Government vs. Rebels, good verses evil? It depends how you look at it, or the side you choose to fight for. This is what I really wanted to emphasise in our branding. Our logo consists of two different birds, or ravens to be precise, if you look closely you will see this.

The raven is a very dark creature and I am a big fan of historical folklore and mythology. In Danish folklore, a valravn (Danish “raven of the slain”) is a supernatural raven. The ravens appear in traditional Danish folk songs, where they are described as originating from ravens who consume the bodies of the dead on the battlefield. We have also named the raven Huginn and Muninn, after the pair of ravens that fly all over the world and provide information to the god Odin. As Odin is a god of war, we feel this all ties in rather nicely.

With the ravens complete, I really wanted to emphasise the two sides to our raven and to any war. Adding a trident and an arrow did this nicely, two types of weapon, two types of soldier. 

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