Brief information on Operation Uncharted was released last week on our operation details page, we would however like to provide all players looking to book a place at this event with further details. This includes some rules on the camps and what you will be required to bring with you for the weekend.

There are a total of 120 tickets available for this event, with the two alliances split into three teams of twenty. Each group is required to set up their own camp area and arrange sentry / guard patrol duties throughout the duration of the event.


Team camping areas are not safe zones, these areas are in play throughout the event and may be set upon by enemy forces at any time.

If you are part of a team advancing on an enemy camp, only semi-automatic / single shot fire may used on your approach. Under cover of  night, try to switch to using a sidearm once in and around the camp area when engaging with enemy contacts.

You may not move or take any items from opposition camps, other than those designated clearly in the mission briefing.

At any time during the game, you may only carry on your person a maximum ammunition allowance of 600 BBs, which must be stored in magazines. No loose ammo may be carried on your person in game, instead you should make use of your designated team camp. Support gunners may use a single box magazine with a maximum of 3,000 rounds, again no loose ammo is to be carried.

For more information on ammo limits, please refer to our event rules.

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