Recent mysterious killings in the Kent woodlands have not gone unnoticed by The Rain. Reports of the Black Squad deaths have drifted into main stream media. A leaked Flame report suggests the Black Squad was in fact mutilated by a group of savages rumoured to be living in the Kent countryside, with all the intel and drugs they were carrying as cargo now missing.

Only a handful of the tracking devices attached to the cargo from the Black Squad vehicles remained operational for a short period of time, all have since been deactivated over the past few days. The last know locations were deep within the English countryside, outside the areas of control for either of the alliances.

Squads from both the Flame and Rain are to be dropped at defined locations in the Kent countryside to search for and secure the intel, commencing at 15:00 Saturday afternoon, August 9th 2014. Your mission is to locate and download all of the stolen Flame intel. With only approximate locations of a few locations known, scouting and searching new areas will be a necessity in this operation. Sources indicate that there maybe wandering tradesmen and local residents in the vicinity that are willing to be of aid to you.

Each squad will be dropped off to an area designated for their camp, they must set up within the area specified on the map. Maps will be supplied for each team member at your drop off location. Every camp will hold a valuable supply crate that must be guarded and kept safe at all times, along with an orange tech unit required to download data. Enemy teams will be looking to take your supply crate back to their Base of Operations, so be sure to keep your base sufficiently defended. Note that you cannot obtain any other items from enemy camps other that the wooden storage crate, this is of priority and importance to your alliance.

All teams will have all until 10:00 on Sunday 10th August 2014, to find and download all the missing intel, at which time an extraction point will be transmitted and any secured objectives must be transported through potentially hostile land to your extraction.

Since the killings, reports of family homes being broken into and burnt to the ground in have been rife,  with the group responsible for the recent murders suspected to be behind these home raids. Residing within the Kent countryside, in make shift camps, they now operate with Flame vehicles and weaponry, so expect them to be well armed, violent and unforgiving.

You’re all in no man’s land now, be wary of who you come across wandering through the woods and be sure to you watch your back.

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