Britain sits in a state of shock after the crashed satellite Angel VI resulted in nuclear explosion. The fallout across country had hit its civilian population hard. Killing thousands. Radio transmissions picked up from northern Europe has revealed that it has also been badly affected by the traveling fallout.

The failure of retrieving all of the nuclear rods from the fallen satellite had led to this point and now both sides in the battle for Britain are scrambling to regain control of their civilian populace.

The Rain having been able to extract a single nuclear rod from the satellite now had the dormant underground nuclear power station of Drakelow in its sites. Their mission was to secure the facility and try and re-power the facility with the rod extracted from the satellite.

Unknowingly to the Rain or Flame tunnels themselves were not as dormant as expected. A drug lord known as Cerberus had taken control of the tunnels. Civilians who once used the passages as home and shelter from the war had become drug addicts following Cerberus and doing his deeds in payment of the rife drug Devil’s Blessing.

As troops started to take position and set up HQs within the dark misty tunnels scout intel came through of a Volktech science lab found within the Nuclear facility. Files showed that Cerberus himself was once a British soldier and had been experimented on along with several more soldiers in an attempt create a set of super soldiers. 

Scouts had also located the famous scientist Dr Weiss who had carried out the experiments creating Cerberus still working manically in the ramshackle lab. Although the experiments more now looked like freakish attempts to stitch limbs together. Dr Weiss’s was originally working on the drug Cerberus for Volktech before the war. Cerberus was to be given to soldiers with the aim of creating a super soldier. In its early version the drug went wrong and a strain was released which is now known by its street name of Devil’s Blessing now widely used around the country.

The tunnels are now infested with Devil’s Blessing addicts. These addicts live in the tunnels and experience the worst side effects of the drug. Making them hallucinate and claw at their own skin ripping away lumps of flesh from their own faces. Becoming extremely paranoid and violent. Seeing others as demons trying to steal their soul making them attack on site if they feel a threat.

The armies arrival into the tunnels has scattered these drug addicts. In their panic they have dropped their stashes of the drug Devil’s Blessing.

In an attempt to try and appease these tormented men and women both the Flame and Rain had to locate these stashes of the drug Devil’s Blessing across site. Soldiers on both sides headed out into the darkness of the tunnels to scout out the drugs. Once deeper in the tunnels troops suddenly find themselves lost and confronted by men with knives humming weird tunes. One group of Rain managed to remain quite enough and navigated around the drug addicts. Two younger Flame troops soon found themselves confronted by a group of drug addicts. Instead of remaining calm they turn tail and run screaming. With the mad addicts hot on their heels.

Within the tunnels there are several vehicles that both sides want to get back up and running. Both The Flame and Rain take a team out to find and secure the vehicle with an engineer. The Flame were quick to find a Hulix with a dead Flame driver in the drivers seat. Their engineer began work and hurriedly tried to fix the truck when it become the central focus of a large fire fight. Luckily the engineer held his nerve and repaired the Hilux and rammed it into oncoming Rain troops and back towards base.

Once the Rain had collected enough they were sent out to find the drug addicts layer and find their leader the 3 headed dog himself Cerberus. Once located, Cerberus was happy to talk only about the Blessing shouting at the Rain he told them that in payment for the drugs they have provided their men will not be attacked by the addicts for the forceable.

The main reason for troops entering the nuclear base and its dark tunnels is to relaunch the dead reactor and divert its power to it’s nearest Rain and Flame held territory. To do this they need to bring back basic power to the power plant. 

Securing the main core tunnel in order to allow engineers to start work on rebuilding the main frame systems to enable power to the core. Once the the main frames are online either side could then trip the main fuse which will lighten the tunnels up. 

In no time at all the central tunnel became a blood bath with both sides committing bodies forwards to take it. In the darkness a Flame engineer quickly got to work on a breaker box once fixed the beacon begin flashing lighting him up to The Rain and he instantly took eight shots to the chest killing him dead. The Rain managed to take several items back to base realise the error of their ways and leaving the main tunnel empty. Another Flame engineer got to work fixing the second breaker while troops held doors and tunnels surrounding him. Once done he signalled to a young Flame troop to drop the main switch triggering all local circuits tripping several which burst into sparks and flames. Flame were successful and now several of the main tunnels were now lit for them leading all the way up to the reactor.

In the tunnels there is a famous scientist and medic Dr Weissan an ex Pharmatec employee who became disillusioned with Volktech’s ideals so ran away with his research and his beautiful assistant. Both are said to be equally as unhinged. They have been in the tunnels since the start of the war. They came down here to help the drug addicts and continue his medical research in relative peace.

Troops on both sides were tasked getting the medic and his assistant onside. They both need to know they can trust who they are talking to or they will just run away again in the future.

Dr Weiss’s research laboratory is full of experiments on the drug Cerberus. He was working on Cerberus for Volktech before the war. The drug Cerberus was to be given to soldiers with the aim of creating a super soldier. In its early version the drug went wrong and a strain was released which is now known by its street name of Devil’s Blessing which is now widely used around the country turning the rich and poor into violent drug addicts.

Getting Dr Weiss’s onside would allow us to access his research. If either side can get the true strain of Cerberus on their side they could enhance their troops to overwhelm their enemies.

To get The Dr onside they would need the help of his assistant or the tunnels drug addicts to find his research that is scattered across the tunnels. Flame troops found Dr Weiss in his laboratory experimenting on what looked like half a human corpse and a pigs head and trotters. Setting up a perimeter around the lab the Flame got to work on persuading the Drs lovely assistant who wouldn’t stop to giggle and clatter her teeth together to help them find the Drs research around the tunnels. Their journey with the Drs assistant seemed to be turning into a wild goose chase.

The Rain on the other hand had over powered the Flame guard on laboratory and decided to move the Dr away from his lab towards their base. When the Dr realised what they were doing he quickly turned tail and ran in the opposite direction right back into the hands of the Flame. 

A group of Rain Guy’s Army troop found themselves in the deepest darkest part of the tunnels when they stumbled into a drug den. Cerberus along with several of his drug riddled men and women were busy taking more Devil’s Blessing when they were interrupted. One clever Rain member realised how he could control the addicts by promising them more than he actually could. By giving them some drugs up front and promising a lot more back at the Rain base he managed to get Cerberus to follow them back to the Rain FOB. Once their several Rain troop pull Cerberus to the ground and tie him up.

Then as a group decision the Rain decided to execute Cerberus not seeing the value in keeping him alive. The footage of the execution can be seen below.

Returning with the Drs assistant and his research the Flame secure the path back to their FOB and rush him back to safety. Doing so they secured the future the Cerberus project and the weapons it could bring to their side of the war. 

Now it was time for the final push by the Rain to secure and then restart the facility. The Flame troops were cornered in the deepest darkest section of the tunnels frantically trying to secure the nuclear reactor. As the gun fire started and the remaining visibility in the tunnels disappeared Flame troops decided to turn their lights and gun torches off to hide from the Rain and take them by surprise.

This decision massively backfired quickly. Knowing what the Flame had done several Rain troops slowly moved along the tunnel walls having dumped their main firearms. Armed with only knives they snuck nearly all the way to the reactor entrance and started to silently knife the hidden Flame troops. After 10 or so Flame laid dead with cut throats and knife wounds in their sides the rest of The Rain moved up to the reactor entrance. The remaining Flame guard were aghast the twenty or so men moving towards them were not reacting to their calls of Flame!

After one last ditch attempt to defend the reactor entrance the Flame were all down. The Rain moved in with the nuclear power rod taken from satellite Angel VI during Operation Fallen Angel and dropped it into the dormant reactor. Within minutes all breakers and fuse boxes lit up with several exploding. The reactor began to churn and kicking back into life.

The Rain had been successful in taking and restarting the dormant power station and now were able to expand their territories in the mid west of Britain.

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