Details of a large arms deal, stolen from the Flame during Operation Uncharted, led The Rain to push forward into districts of London controlled by The Flame. These areas are presently bustling with life. The arms deal, referred to as ‘Colossus’, has been set for the 23rd November 2014. Flame troops have arranged for the arms shipment to be transferred inside London.

The city of London was cold and with Christmas around the corner the civilians still living in the centre of London were preparing for a long hard winter. Once Rain troops had reinforced an area within the centre of London a group of Rain and Flame troops were sent out to complete a prisoner exchange. Five Flame troops took two high priority Rain prisoners to exchange for Flame Prisoner Captain Thomas Stonewall at C3. The exchange took place peacefully with prisoners being patted down for traps and all prisoners successfully returned to team bases.

The Rain were to locate The Flames radio stations within London hack into them and broadcast a pre recorded message to the whole nation. The message would broadcast to more of the nation if all three of the broadcasting stations are transmitting the message for as long as possible.

The Flame set out to secure the broadcast stations before the Rain could hack them and start transmission. The Rain soon found Unit 1 at B1 and started transmission at 11:26:23, with B1 location under attack from the Flame. Unit 1 was blocked at 12:13:35, by George Dyer and bought back online to transmit at 12:47:20 by Greg Wawrzczak shortly after.

Rain forces quickly found the broadcast point at and started E3 and FPA member Dave Wilcock started broadcasting at 11:26:12.

Flame member Val Stoner of the Royal Guard located Unit 2 at D5 and put a block on at 12:10:00.

Unit 1 (B1) Unit 2 (D5) Unit 3 (E3)
Transmitted 3h 33m 40s Transmitted 2h 33m 48s
Blocked 33m 45s Blocked 1h 50m 0s


Total Transmission Time was 3h 33m 40s, meaning the The Rain managed to broadcast their message to the majority of England. The Flame managed to block the transmission for 2h 23m 45s. With The Rain’s message going out to almost every corner of Britain, they hope their numbers and public support will grow in the coming year.

Over recent months, mysterious civilian deaths have been plaguing the city. The civilian population is in a state of panic, with friends and family members dying with no explanation.

Due to the commitments to the war, the Flame have not been managing the situation and has been getting out of control. Bodies of the dead are getting buried without post mortem, preventing the Flame and Rain from discovering the true cause of the deaths. Both sides set up a specialist unit to investigate exactly what is killing the local civilians.

Flame and Rain units headed straight for the nearest grave yard where the local grave digger was busy burying the latest deceased. The coffin lay semi buried in the ground at B2. The Flame were first to the coffin but were quickly taken out by Rain that located themselves into the surrounding buildings. Squads of Flame reinforcements were quick to support their fallen and injured.

Cultists from a new Church: Children of the Damned had setup a new church next to the graveyard. They had been preaching to the local community for the past few weeks and had managed to swell their numbers. Even managing to persuade soldiers from both sides to join the strange cult by marking their faces with what looked like blood.

The grave digger tried in vein with his shovel to fend off the Flame troops taking his dead quarry, to no avail. More troops arrived meaning four Flame could carry the coffin back to the their specialist to examine the body in the South West corner of C4. Managing to beat the rain to the coffin and the deceased meant they would get a slight head start once they work out what is behind the civilian deaths.

Setting up drugs labs is now a lucrative way of funding each sides campaigns. Doing this creates both medical supplies and the highly lucrative Meth amphetamine Devil’s Blessing.

Setting up a drugs lab within the city required both sides to locate drug lab equipment, this was found by the Rain in what was an old police station at C2. This included bottles, bags and drug lab clothing.

The only place with suitable ventilation within this part of the city was at D5. Two drug dealers needed to be found within the city in order to cook the drugs.

The Rain found the drug lab equipment within the city supermarket along with a drug dealer hanging around the poor district in town. He tried running from them and managed to hit two Rain members before being taken down and captured. Another dealer was found by the Rain and on an attempt to move all equipment and dealers to the drug lab location the Flame took out the convoy and stole it all.

Once at D5 the Flame forced the dealers to setup the lab and get dressed into their hazmat cooking suits. Once the lab was live and cooking, every 15 minutes the cooks finished a batch of drugs and supplied them to The Flame for extraction to their base.

A total of 7 batches of Devil’s Blessing were shipped every 15 minutes from the lab by the Flame the Rain did mange to capture the drugs lab and extract 1 bag of drugs but failed to hold the location from the Flame for long enough to bring in reinforcements to a then depleted Rain side. Having created and secured such a large shipment of drugs means the Flame now hold a monopoly on the drug trade within the city of London.

Night had fallen over the city and the noise of gun fire rung out through its cold streets. The fighting had pushed up into the richer housing district as the sun set.

Due to the Rain’s recent push deep into enemy territory, both sides had to improve their eyes in the sky. Both sides have drones above and around their bases. These eyes are helping to prevent enemy forces from setting up IEDs and other traps near their bases.

Anti air bases were setup to stop the enemy drones flying too close. The Rain pushed hard forward into town trying to find The Flames anti air base set it off and sabotage the Flame drones.

Anti Air Bases
The Rain B5
The Flame B8


The fighting was fierce and at times the sides were just feet away with grenades going over fences killing many soldiers at one time. The fight lasted for hours with both sides closing in on each others anti air bases. Harry Ford sat in the second floor of a building with Rain protection and the anti air detonation device at B5 with Rain protection.

After the loss of a lot of men on both sides commanders decided to push forward their drones on both sides to spot enemy locations. Seeing this happen both sets of anti air were set off to destroy the enemy drones meaning neither side gained an advantage.

As the sun rose over the city and melted the frost on the streets and cars, men and women on both sides prepared to fight once again for what they believed in.

Cultists from the Church of Armageddon believe that the end of the world is nigh. That the war raging across Britain is just the beginning of the end. Their beliefs have led them to try and bring forward the apocalypse.

The results of the post mortem carried out by the Flame specialist suggests that the person had died as a result of Uranium poisoning. Children of the Armageddon managed to purchase chemical weapons, from an unknown source, and had secretly planted 5 uranium vats around London to cleanse the city of wickedness. These Vats have slowly been poisoning the local residence, also ruining their food and water supplies.

Once the Flame and Rain had located a Uranium vat they had to arrange for a specialist from their base to come and hand remove the poisonous vat to the specialist tents.

From the total of 5 uranium vats located the Rain found one at E1 in the house bordering D1 and another at E3in a house next door to the post office. The Flame found one at the petrol station at D6 but nearly lost it to the Rain until they managed to extract it with their specialist. They found a second Uranium vat at D5 in a three story housing block.

The last remaining vat was found at B3 inside the Children of the Armageddon’s Stronghold. Here they attempted to protect what they had purchased but were quickly dispatched by both Rain and Flame forces. Until the Flame managed to get their specialist in to remove the smoking vat. Having just secured the majority of the Uranium vats the local civilians were in high in praise for The Flame troops for having risked their lives to remove them and pushing the newly formed `Church of the Armageddon out of the city of London.

Along with their plans to bolster city defences all over Britain, The Flame had arranged for a large arms deal to take today at B3 within the city of London, under the codename ‘Colossus’.

A vast amount of weaponry was to be transferred from arms dealer Mr. White, who was working in cooperation with The Flame, however after entering the city in the early hours of Sunday morning he realised that the situation had been compromised by The Rain presence.

Mr. White and his team of Volktech security guards scattered, spreading themselves across the city and cutting all ties with The Flame doing so they left the meeting point with the weaponry unguarded.

The only way they could protect the weaponry was to hide within the city and attempt to escape once the opportunity arose. The Four Volktech guards that arrived with Mr White had orange security boxes with them, each one carrying a key card. The government troops of The Flame and the rebel of The Rain had to locate all four of the guards, take them down with whatever means necessary to obtain the orange key card boxes.

Mr White had also taken precautionary measures in case such a scenario did occur. He had rigged a bomb inside and around the complex holding the weapons crates. In one hour thirty minutes the bombs would explode destroying all of what he had bought into the city.

Rain troops were quick and ruthless when finding a Volktech guard hiding out in the poor housing district in London. After injuring a member of Guy’s Army and an FPA member he was instantly killed with a shot to his head. Rain troops bought in a hacking unit to determine the code in his orange case. Matt Seeley of the FPA hacked the Volktech keycard and received the first code at 11:59:08. James Cheeseright of Guy’s Army received the second Rain code at 12:06:23.

Royal Guard member Kieran Waller hacked a Volktech keycard at 12:06:59 securing the Flames first code. While he was hacking this the Rain were pushing up to B3 to secure the area and unlock what weaponry they could. The battle for the block at B3 was a bloody one with both sides gaining and losing advantage very quickly. Eventually a group of FPA managed to push into the meeting point and secure the area while the codes were put into the weapons crate locks. With 3 crates now free fresh reinforcements enabled the Rain to extract the weapons crates back to a temporary base.

At 12:18:18 Christopher Marsden of the Royal Guard hacked the last remaining Volktech keycard after killing the fourth Volktech security guard. Knowing that had already lost some of the weapons crates the Flame gathered at their base and in the woodland outlying the city streets. With the two codes they pushed up onto the now nearly totally un guarded weapon store at B3.

Knowing they had to give their comrades time to unlock the weapon crates Flame troops pushed into the poor district of London towards the Rain base to try and hold the Rain off long enough. The Flame used both codes to unlock the 4 crates now left in the bomb rigged weapons depot. They slowly bought in more men to shuttle the weapons crates back to a Flame FOB. When they started to pull out back to base, a single Flame member appeared with one remaining hidden crate the Rain had previously missed. His commanding officer ordered him sprint it back to base before someone prematurely sets off this bomb which was now set to blow in 10 minutes. With nothing now to lose The Rain pushed up from all sides towards the Flames base and their weapons crates. but from the cover of the woodline the Flame managed to hold all Rain advances off until Mr Whites bombs started to explode, destroying the now empty armoury.

The Rain The Flame
3 5 (inc. item not locked)

Flame troops push forward over the field knowing they had done their job well, they had lost some of the weapons from the arms deal but they had managed to extract the majority meaning weapon caches were now not as low since defeat at Uncharted. The Flame Victory in London means The Rain did not managed to gain a foothold in the borough of the City of London. However since Rain victory during Liberation they have managed to hold Tower Hamlet and run London Operation from here. Along with expanding their reach in the underground of London.

As the new year roles so do all new problems for both sides in the fight for the control of Britain. To gain power each side now knows power or energy is the key to their long term survival. Both sides now know they must be weary of Volktech’s intentions. If weapons for Colossus were being supplied by them what is their long term goal?

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