As Flame and Rain troops moved into position, remaining civilians in the Dartford area were seen fleeing the area with their few worldly possessions clutched to their chests. As the local population ran for their lives, the land on which the Satellite Fallen Angel was to crash down was temporarily unclaimed by any faction.

But nothing exists as a vacuum; within minutes the sound of enraged Marauders began echoing across the hills and fields of Kent. Scattered groups of Marauders were gathering to reclaim their leader, Mama, who had previously been captured by the Flame. The Marauders had been in contact with their leader’s captors, and had arranged a handover on Saturday Morning. Moving into place perched upon on a vast plateau they sat and waited for the Flame convoy to arrive.

They didn’t have long to wait; as arranged, Flame troops moved into position with their prisoner. The price of Mama’s return was to be a tentative alliance talks with the Marauders, who had made camp in a cave close by.

Upon meeting the Marauder troops, the Flame contingent released Mama to her crew. True to form, however, within seconds she was heavily armed and turned on her former captors. With the Marauders heavily outnumbered, though, most were taken out instantly by the Flame troops. Nonetheless, a few managed to escape to a nearby hill where they continued to fight both Flame and Rain troops.

Not all went well for the Rain, either; a convoy of their troops fell prey to tragedy; deploying under fire, they were quickly despatched.

With the opening shots fired, both faction’s leaders tasked their forces to move out and engage their opposition. With this part of England temporarily unclaimed, Flame and Rain needed to take control or strategic points in the surroundings. Six locations were identified and marked with OP stations at key points in the area; as soon as their feet touched the ground both sides headed to take control of these areas. Whoever could capture the most points across the area would later hold the land permanently on the British map.

A team of Rain troops were sent out early on to make contact with the hacking group Bletchley 8 who were responsible for infiltrating the Volktech satellite Angel 4 and setting it on a crash corse for earth. The Rain had to travel the entire distance of the plains to find the Bletchley camp. Surrounded in booby traps the Bletchley crew took no chances firing warning shots until allowing Rain troops into the camp for talks.

A member of Bletchley 8 had been taken by a Marauder group during the night. To try and gain an allegiance with Bletchley the Rain went out in search of the prisoner. The original prisoners co-ordinates given to the Rain were inaccurate and sent them on a wild goose chase around the plains. Eventually they found the Marauder camp and after a battle leading to a Marauder cave the Rain found the taken Bletchley member and returned him to safe quarters.

Battle was fierce throughout the day. Flame troops took an early dominant position and held the balance of power in strategic terms most of the day, though Rain troops did not give up on the struggle. Skirmishes erupted throughout the area, with a series of attack and counterattack. At times Rain found themselves reeling from Flame assault, and at others it was the Flame who found their positions extinguished.

Flame command knew making an alley with a powerful force such as Volktech would be a massive help in their war against the Rain. Flame troop The Others were first to make contact with Volktech after talks they set about cementing a new alliance. The group infiltrated the Bletchley base to capture and interrogate a head member and take photos of the rest of the team. With Volktech now having these identities their associates will be hunted down and killed.

The Flame helped Volktech setup a satellite link on site, once up Volktech were able to unlock the inner power cores so once crash landed they could be accessed.

As both sites took the measure of their opposition and the terrain, key tactical decisions were taken; Flame troops managed to overwhelm Rain defenders on the top of the fierce Cardiac Hill and, realising that they would be at the end of an extended supply and reinforcement line, decided to destroy the position Q9. Demolition crews were dispatched and the strategic point was wiped from the map.

Rain made the most of their demolition team early on and sent them to destroy a flag point found at H13 very close to the Bletchley camp. (Map bottom of page)

Meanwhile, two other factions were making their presence. Volktech security forces were in the area awaiting the descent of their errant orbiter. At the other side of the site, a small force of the mysterious Bletchley Eight were found in the area. Over the course of the battle, Volktech soon found themselves allied with The Flame, with the Bletchley Eight crew aligning themselves to the Rain.

Both factions traded knowledge and intel for support from Flame or Rain – with Bletchley Eight commissioning the Rain to retrieve one of their number who had been taken prisoner by the marauders. After a series of hard-fought attacks on the marauder encampment, the hostage was rescued late on Saturday afternoon. He swiftly released key information to the Rain on the likely contents of Angel Four.

At the same time, the Flame uncovered two items of interest and, after checking in with Volktech, were commissioned to transport them to a waterside exfiltration.

Moving in column, infantry keeping pace with vehicle elements, Flame forged forwards to get the materials to the transit point. However, Rain intel had enabled them to place a blocking force along a ridgeline, overlooking the vehicle’s route. As the convoy moved into the kill zone, Rain fire punished the Flame forces. Advancing over the bodies of their opponents, Rain forces secured the materials for themselves and moved to get them away from the area.

Flame forces were quick to react, though, with the supporting infantry elements and reinforcements summoned by commanders on the ground moving into contact immediately. The Rain forces took off with Flame fire biting at their heels. They retreated in good order and found themselves at a jetty, but increasing levels of incoming Flame rounds steadily diminished their number.

Flame troops piled on the pressure, advancing in leaps and bounds – assault elements darted down the causeway as snipers and support sections suppressed the dwindling Rain defence.

But, just as the Rain position was about the be snuffed out and the materials recovered, fate took a turn for the Flame – a major Rain unit had been dispatched to relieve their beleaguered comrades and fell upon the rear of the Flame troops. Victory was snatched from the Flame as their assault was caught between hammer and anvil, and disintegrated. Though the strategic balance had lain with them all day, the final tactical assault of the day went to the Rain, who secured the materials. As 1800 hours approached, the factions withdrew and prepared for the Ceasefire Party.

A mutual agreement had been struck by both The Flame and The Rain officials that once a year, a ceasefire will commence, where troops will ordered to put down their weapons and come together in peace for one night. Many individuals caught up in the war have friends and family on opposing alliance, so this peace treaty allowed those people to see one another before continuing to come face to face in battle the following morning.

A make shift bar was available for the troops, along with a wagon full of meaty goods. For entertainment there was live music which was played well into evening. Even some Marauders ended up turning up after reluctantly giving up arms after smelling what food was available. The night ended with a crescendo of explosions and fireworks once over troops headed back to their bases to gather their strength for the next days fighting.

Day two saw Volktech and Bletchley Eight cementing their alliances openly, with both organisations attaching one of their scientific staff to the Flame or Rain. With the final crashdown of Fallen Angel, they brought their allies closer and informed them that the crucial codes to unlock the satellites internal systems and access the power supplies were held in a series of hard drives that had been spread around the area.

As both teams pushed into the centre of the site to locate and access the safes, engagements and firefights escalated towards a steady crescendo as the previous day’s scouting and tactical squads were drawn together into one massive central engagement.

Joined by one of their allied sections’ scientists, Flame And Rain started to deploy decoder keys into each safe, triggering a countdown clock revealing – Angel 4 would itself detonate at 1500 hours.

Battles flowed back and forward as the two sides manoeuvred around the site, taking advantage of the built up areas and sunken roadways whilst carrying out their search for the hard drives.

The Rain found and hacked 3 fallen hard drives on their fourth they received the code 2744 which they were able to enter into safe 1 to receive a power core. Their Bletchley 8 scientist took the power core to the main square where he had to hack the unit in order to stabilise it and call in an extraction vehicle.

Flame hacked the correct hard drive to receive the code 9915 for the second safe but were unable to hold the satellite long enough to enter the code and take the power core.

Throughout the day, though, the satellite itself sat on the side of the hill, with the clock steadily counting down. The Rain held the position for most of the day, though not constantly. Flame troops urged on by the Volktech crew overran it on more than one occasion, but overall it remained in Rain control. However, committing forces to hold the area inevitably meant that they had fewer troops available to search for safes and so could not unlock as many of the resources as possible.

Ultimately, Rain patience held out. Despite sterling efforts by the Flame including a particularly crushing assault that eradicated Rain troops from the central courtyard of the built up areas, as the countdown clock rolled over it was the Rain who were in control of the satellite and who had managed to salvage one of the unit’s power cores.

So, overall, the weekend‘s laurels went to the Rain – but only just. The Flame held the edge on day one and came close to a victory on Day two – but the heavy attrition of the ongoing battle took its toll and their final efforts weren’t quite enough to unseat the Rain.

As Angel Four detonated, both factions withdrew to draw up the butcher’s bill and plot their next moves. Rain are in possession of one of Angel Four’s power units and will be keen to unlock its secrets – but Flame will be keen to regroup and recapture the initiative.

As time has gone on from the battle for Angel 4, local residents have started to become very ill. A report in the Nation’s Journal has attributed this to the exploding power core inside Angel 4. The unknown nuclear technology created by Volktech may have caused a massive amount of damage in the south of England with its fallout affecting hundreds. Troops that survived Operation Fallen Angel will be given further instructions on their health and what actions to to take at future operations.

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