For months, the London District of Tower Hamlet has been bustling with life. The sudden surge of Rain troops had sent some of the local population into celebration, however many were not so happy, knowing that trouble would soon arrive in the form of The Flame. They were not wrong and as soon as The Rain had dug themselves in, Black Squad and Royal Guard were at the gates in their numbers.

Under mortar fire and the cover of smoke, The Flame pushed through Tower Hamlet gates and immediately came under fire. Flame intel had suggested that due to increased Rain movement within the district, prisoner Captain Thomas Stonewall could well have been held at this location. It soon became obvious that Stonewall was indeed close by, with a member of the Black Squad stating that they heard shouting from the rear of the district (B4). With this intel transmitted through the ranks, The Flame moved to focus all their efforts on the buildings in this area.

A large Rain contingent soon realised what was happening here, and once securing prisoner Thomas Stonewall’s position they assigned additional troops to defend these buildings and roadways.

After more than an hour of continuous fighting, The Flame had been forced back towards the gates, failing to free their Captain, who remained chained in his rat ridden cell. They were also unable to secure a location to obtain a real foothold inside the district, meaning the next battle would be even tougher.

With The Flame unable to recover Captain Thomas Stonewall, Flame leaders are now discussing the opportunity to begin verbal negotiations with The Rain leaders in an attempt to try and recover Stonewall. It is imperative that he is returned safe and unharmed, be that using an agreed prisoner exchange option or an alternative, more forceful method.

As soon as the smoke had cleared from the district streets, The Flame were attempting another move, this time escorting a Flame News Network (FNN) team. The FNN had been requested to film around the site with intention to show the real brutality of The Rain and how their presence was negatively affecting civilians. As they moved around the district, The Flame successfully protected the news team as they filmed at the four required locations.

After filming the last office buildings location, they pushed towards the exit for extraction, heading straight into the path of Rain troops who were in the middle of another firefight. Surrounded, the remaining Flame troops were quickly pinned down and taken out, resulting in The Rain escorting the FNN team back to their Ops Centre and requesting vehicle extraction, which followed shortly after.

Although The Flame had successfully managed to film all locations, the hard fought footage was, at the last minute, in the hands of The Rain. This successfully prevented The Flame spreading anti Rain propaganda live on FNN television, delaying fear of mass civilian rejection from the general public. Furthermore, having captured the FNN news team now means that interrogation of these prisoners may lead to important intel on future plans of attack by The Flame.

During this mission, both alliances managed to take down 40% of the opposition propaganda that had been placed in an attempt to improve recruitment and awareness of them. There were also two safes hacked by The Rain, with the Free Peoples Army taking control of Volktech perks after efforts from Joe Crowther (12:32) and Jamie Bell (12:45:45).

weedtimeAs a main source of The Rains funding, the construction of drugs labs around Britain has become a necessity. They are currently creating 85% proof Meth Amphetamine, along with many additional medical drugs that are sold and distributed all around the country amongst The Rain and independent traders. An operational drugs lab busy producing Meth within the district had to be located and held until this new strain of Meth was cooked and bagged up.

The Flame quickly located the working lab and managed to hold off waves of Rain attacks, this allowed the cooks t0 finish the new improved batch. They quickly called in an extraction vehicle, which was loaded with the drugs in order for them to be taken to a safe location outside of London ready for distribution.

Having protected the cooks and allowing them to finish another important batch of the Devil’s Blessing drug, a Black Squad unit have immediately taken the Drugs out of London and South towards Flame strongholds in Portsmouth, travelling deep through the English Countryside. Along with finding and holding the drugs lab, both sides were requested to locate up to ten units of the drug “Devils Blessing” around Tower Hamlet. The Flame managed to locate a total of eight packs of Devil’s Blessing, with The Rain finding two. Rumours now arise that The Flame have enough of the drug to carry out further experiments.

There were two additional safes hacked during this time, with David Foord (14:39) of The Flame and Anthony Vincent (14:54) from The Rain taking control of additional Volktech perks.

By late afternoon, after hours of fighting, both sides looked to secure the high priority prisoners they had previously captured and fight towards any that required rescue, with both sides holding three prisoners each. Steaming into the fray, both sides immediately took casualties while searching for their captured comrades.

It wasn’t long before The Flame had secured the first of their men that had been taken prisoner, as Dan Pope of the Royal Guard hacked the release code and released the captive at 16:11.

The Rain were next to free a prisoner from the Flame, with James Daniels  Free Peoples Army – hacking the combination lock at 16:32. Lewis Deluca  Black Squad – released another prisoner in quick succession at 16:35. With only minutes to go, James Daniels from The Rain’s FPA managed to free their second prisoner at y 16:54 while the extraction van was on its way.

With both sides managing to recover two of their prisoners and successfully defending one enemy prisoner, both take their remaining captives back to camp to discover what each of them will give up during interrogation.

Volktech recorded a total of 534 casualties, with The Rain registering 213 and The Flame 34% more with a total of 321.

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