News of the lost Black Squad units had spread fast through the city of London. Along with losing troops in the convoy, The Flame lost a large amount of restricted intelligence detailing weapon, ammo and food store locations. The Flame were aware of the importance of retrieving their intel and knew that The Rain would be hot on their heels.

Nation’s Journal unknowingly leaked the location of the lost Flame convoy and in doing so, resulted in troops from both sides immediately migrating into the Kent countryside, in an attempt to secure what they could.

Since the intelligence had been missing for several weeks, tech protocols indicated that each intel point had to be found and the information downloaded onto a hard drive. Limited remaining battery power meant that it was only a matter of time before the data was erased and lost forever.

First arrivals into the Kent countryside were The Rain, moving into position and setting up camp at E8 – Rain Camp One. Within 5 minutes of them having feet on the ground and setting up their surroundings, they came under attack by an unknown entity. A group of wild men were attacking and retreating within the surrounding fields and woodland. It didn’t take long for Rain Camp One to get dug in and advance to quickly dispatch a couple of the crazed men, watching the others flee into the tree line.

Meanwhile a squad of Flame troops, consisting of Black Squad and Royal Guard, were moving into position and setting up a stronghold at D5 – Flame Camp One. Soon to follow were a squad of Rain troops setting up base alongside the nearby lakes at C2 – Rain Camp Two. Last to arrive were the second Flame squad, locating themselves at I2 – Flame Camp Two and setting up around a hill position, overlooking a burnt out land rover situated in the middle of their base.


Rain Camp One Rain Camp Two Flame Camp One Flame Camp Two Marauder Camp
E8 C2 D5 H2 H7


Strange screams and calls could be heard echoing around the countryside. Within no time at all, Rain Camp One pushed forces out to track down the unknown threat that attacked already without provocation. They quickly found what they were looking for, following the sound of twangy music, the smell of smoke and trails of blood covered clothing, they were led to a large make-shift camp.

Signs written in blood scattered the camp, with dismembered feet and hands tied decorating them them. The occupants of the camp were Marauders, a tribe of wild people with no allegiance to Queen nor country. As soon as Rain Camp One make sight of the Marauder camp, they were greeted by an onslaught of at least two support weapons,holding them back against the tree line.

All camps had now dispatched squads to scout their surrounding area. Radio communication soon intensified, with each camp quickly trying to learn the locations of their allies and enemies. A Flame member soon stumbled across Rain Camp Two, sneaking through the woodland and identifying the camp supply crate. Having quickly taking out two Rain soldiers within the camp, he retreated with the supply crate.


Massive fire fights began to break out all over the countryside, with each camp scouting squad exploring deeper into enemy territory. The Marauders managed to hold onto their camp and supply create through until early evening, as The Rain surrounded and proceeded to bombard them with fire. A Flame attack on The Rain in nearby woodland cut a lot of the troops attack short, bringing some relief to the Marauder camp.

The rough locations for four intel points had been provided to each camp, with two more remaining hidden in unknown locations. The first was found hidden in tree cover by The Flame and Royal Guard soldier Dan Pope. They download was initialised and successfully completed at 17:17. The Flame soon found themselves with the upper hand with their hard hitting tactics, leaving The Rain on the back foot from the start.

As the sun started to set, smoke covered the battlefield. The Marauder camp and their leader Mama were occupied cooking up something sinister in their camp, the smell lingered, however not even the wildlife could stomach the meal. Whilst this was occurring, a fight between snipers continued, having been going on for an hour or so, eventually taking several casualties for both The Rain and Marauders. Suddenly a Rain member stepped out into the open, arms risen into the air, advancing of the Marauder camp. A confused Marauder sent out several panicked warning shots in the direction of the Rain member, but was soon stopped by Mama once she identified what was going on. After an hour of shouting across fields, the Rain member closed in to talking distance of the Marauder camp. Seeing that he was unarmed, they invited him and another Rain member into their camp to question their intentions..

Negotiations lasted over an hour, with both sides providing different demands. The Rain wanted Mama’s men to join them in their upcoming camp raids, in exchange the Marauders required all the credits they had obtained and for The Rain camp to supply them with enough firewood to continue cooking their dinner. The Rain agreed to the terms and the truce was negotiated.

Soon enough, the Marauders were sitting back smoking and eating… meat, while a few of The Rain members ran back and fourth collecting firewood. In return, a contingent of Marauders went out on raids as agreed with The Rain until the sun went down.

Once all light had gone, Flame camps moved out under the cover of darkness. After stealing Rain Camp Two’s crate, they were looking to track down and snatch the supply crate from Rain Camps One. While searching for their camp, they made a surrounded the Marauder dwelling, which was in full, loud party mode. Watching the camp, they slowly moved closer, waiting for their guard to be lowered.

With the clouds coming over and rain just starting to fall, the attacking Flame squad moved in. Attacking from all angles, they began by taking out the Marauders on the edge of their camp, and moved in as Mama’s camp was running around in disarray. Geared with NVG’s the Flame team quickly dispatched the remaining Marauders, located the supply crate and moved out into the darkness of night.

At 11:33 a civilian was seen escaping from a cage within the Marauders camp. The delirious boy ran straight into the woodland, immediately getting lost and began to panic. Lewis Ford from Flame Camp One found the scared young man along a path and escorted him to safety and extraction at 11:52.

As the night went on, the rain grew heavier and heavier. Camps set up mines, trip wires and detonators as a last line of defence, while they  tried to stay dry under tent, bivvy or tarpaulin. Flame Camp Two meanwhile would not letting the rain stop them, a small team advanced up to Rain Camp One, positioning themselves along a tree line, and started to pick off their enemy. The Rain camp, who had previously struck a deal with the Marauders, called upon them for reinforcements, along with members from Rain Camp Two. The Flame members sat watching the Marauder reinforcements rush to help then started to pick them off quickly. Taking the Rain’s supply crate and escaping off into the darkness before more reinforcements could arrive.

As the wind and rain started to slow at 4:00am, two more intel locations were transmitted into the four camps. Each camp began to rise and move again, however as soon as they began to exit their tent, came under fire. The night before The Flame were well on top, but no sooner was the sun beating down on the wet trees and grass, The Rain had already planned their moves. With nothing to lose, they sent large squads out to attack the Flame encampments in an attempt to retrieve the lost supply crates.

Battles raged all morning, with fire fights gaining the advantage for The Rain, only to return once again to The Flame. The stolen Devil’s Blessing drug shipment was had been located by The Rain, hidden deep in the woodland. As the morning passed, a troop from The Flame  made contact with Marauder leader Mama, following a massive attack on a Flame camp. Collecting all their funds together, they made a deal with the Marauders, putting an end to the previous agreement with The Flame.

Rain troops that were previously moving through Mama’s camp with ease, now faced being taken out and shot at, leading them to concentrate forces on the camp in retaliation. When the extraction co-ordinates were transmitted through to each camp, each team packed their equipment and assets they had attained throughout the day and night and migrated towards their final destination.

The Flame were quick to move their crates and intel boxes to their extraction point at H4 and soon realised The Rain were attempting to move to their extraction point at H8, given away by the noise of conflict generated by the Marauder camp. Rain Camp One moved their intel box and crates to the extraction point. Rain Camp Two were busy downloading one last intel point, while continuing to move their supply crates. While the remaining Rain troops made their way back to the extraction point, a battle was well under way with the Marauders, who were now refusing to take sides and firing upon both The Rain and oncoming Flame troops.

With the last intel point downloaded, The Rain make a last sprint through the tree line to safety. The battlefield had rich pickings for the Marauders and, once all the troops had departed, you could hear their cheers miles away from the battlefield.


Point 1 Point 2 Point 3 Point 4 Point 5 Point 6
E4 J8 F5 E7 I2 D3
The Rain (8)
Rain Camp One (2)
Point 4 2014-08-09 19:00 David Prangnell Free Peoples Army
Point 2 2014-08-10 10:08 Simon Amblin Free Peoples Army
Rain Camp Two (6)
Point 1 2014-08-09 20:16 David Puddefoot FPA
Point 4 2014-08-09 20:51 David Puddefoot FPA
Point 6 2014-08-10 06:21 Ian Maynard Guy’s Army
Point 2 2014-08-10 06:59 David Puddefoot FPA
Point 3 2014-08-10 07:30 David Puddefoot FPA
Point 5 2014-08-10 07:51 David Puddefoot FPA
The Flame (7)
Flame Camp One (4)
Point 4 2014-08-09 18:04 Sean Tait Royal Guard
Point 1 2014-08-09 19:37 Luke Smith Black Squad
Point 3 2014-08-10 08:08 Mark Richards Black Squad
Point 6 2014-08-10 09:20 Mark Richards Black Squad
Flame Camp Two (3)
Point 5 2014-08-09 17:17 Dan Pope Royal Guard
Point 2 2014-08-09 19:43 Richie Cee Royal Guard
Point 6 2014-08-10 09:10 Tony Pickett Royal Guard


Extraction grid reference H8.

2 x Intel Box (8 Intel Points)
2 x Supply Crate
4 x  Devil’s Blessing drugs (Side Mission)

Extraction grid reference H4.

2 x Intel Box (7 Intel Points)
3 x Supply Crate
1 x Escaped Prisoner (Side Mission)

There were a total of 340 respawns logged during this operation.

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