As the sun came up over Longmoor on 16th March 2014, The Flame started to arrive in town after Valravn Barracks had been secured amidst rumours of planned attacks from The Rain. Thomas Stonewall was assigned the task of Operation Valravn, to lock down the town of Longmoor as he had successfully achieved at Valravn Barracks.

It was a busy morning in Longmoor, market street was trading as normal and The Forgotten boys were up to their usual tricks. Shepard Cobb was in the area preaching his views to the towns people in direction of anyone that would listen. Press teams had also arrived to report on The Flame activity and ensure knowledge of the conflict was broadcast to the nation. Behind the scenes, hundreds of troops were moving into position, The Rain were keen to make an impression after failing to infiltrate Valravn Barracks.

Thomas Stonewall was on patrol in an effort to fortify the town, ensuring the streets were clear of vehicles and unauthorised personnel. A vehicle was blocking the road outside the market, what first appeared to be standard procedure to move the blockage, took a turn for the worst.

The Rain had managed to obtain a vehicle belonging to a Black Squad patrol team, as Stonewall approached was confronted by Harry Ford and a handful of The Rain operatives, who were efficient to take Stonewall into a hostage situation.

With Stonewall dragged towards the back of the vehicle and secured, he was transported to an area believed to in control by The Rain located behind the train line near grid reference F3. He was held at this location until stormed by The Flame tasked with taking back the leader of the Royal Guard, and within a short period of time had taken possession of the stronghold and released the hostage, who now had to be moved to a safer area.

When communication came through determining the evacuation location, it was imperative that Stonewall made it to grid reference D1 without fail in order to ensure his safety. Upon approach to the evacuation vehicle, Stonewall and his accompanying troops were stalled by The Rain, which eventually resulted in his recapture by The Rain, who proceeded to take the hostage to an undisclosed location. Thomas Stonewall remains in possession of The Rain and it is vital that an agreement can be reached for his release, or alternatively a rescue plan put in place.

Now that the leader of the Royal Guard was missing, the next objective for The Rain was to gather and hold intelligence located within Longmoor Camp. At first it was unclear on the exact number of positions that should be targeted, therefore a full search of the camp was required to gather information on their whereabouts. A small bribe handed to the market stall workers enabled The Rain to take control of the clothes stall and give them the upper hand on intelligence. As time was running out, The Rain held four of the six positions while the The Flame had only identified two.

With minutes to go before the intelligence would be collected and exported, troops were dispatched by The Flame with intention of a final assault to regain control of the train. This resulted in the market stalls being neglected as The Rain forces were drawn towards F2 to provide backup and prevent them losing the train. Their defensive efforts were however insufficient as Team Talon and TUDS led the way to storming the carriage and thus controlling fifty percent of the intelligence. With only five of the six positions covered at this point in time, it wasn’t until the closing seconds that the clothes stall was once again in control of The Rain and therefore intelligence was split equally between the two alliances, with The Flame holding buildings 7 (D3), 9 (E2) and the train (F2) and The Rain guarding buildings 6 (D3), 14 (D3) and the market stall (C2).

As early afternoon approached the sun was still glaring down on one of the hottest days of the year to date, both alliances were laying low while they regroup as well as take on food and water before planning their next phase. This was merely the calm before storm, things were about to get even more interesting with the arrival of Mr. White.

mrwhiteMr. White, a well known arms dealer had been spotted within Longmoor. It was suspected that he was in talks with The Rain, who were planning to prevent further forces entering the town by planting and detonating an explosive device to affect the road and rail networks. Living up to his untrustworthy values resulted in the device being planted but the exact location of the device and the whereabouts of Mr. White were unknown.

Whilst The Rain focussed on the hunt for Mr. White, The Flame had already discovered the explosive device in building 9 (E2) and set up defences around the perimeter. With the only individual with the knowledge to arm the device missing, it took over half an hour until the first sighting of Mr. White. A dazed and rather confused Mr. White arose mid fire-fight from the ferns that had been concealing his position near grid reference E1. After stumbling and struggling to find his bearings, the dealer fled towards the helicopter heading in the direction of D1. With the target finally identified, aim was taken at Mr. White by both alliances until he was wounded and captured by Jack Money of The Flame. It wasn’t long until the the captor also took on fire and was hit, allowing Mr. White to escape and evade once again in the direction of B2.

With both alliances involved in the chase, the target was captured by The Rain and escorted back to their Operations Centre, where he was questioned, insulted, roughed up a little and persuaded to give the location of the device he had previously planted. Although making some attempts to flee, The Rain grew smart and began to watch their prisoner more closely until descending on one final push to escort Mr. White to building 9 to detonate the device. Smoke filled the cul-de-sac and led by the land rover, forces attempted to push down towards building 9, the advance was brave yet unsuccessful, with many of The Rain troops taking hits as well as Mr. White, who managed to progress no further than the alleyway between buildings 6 and 4 (D3).

The Flame had successfully guarded the device which was later taken away and promptly disarmed, preventing any major disruption to access in and out of the camp. Although The Rain didn’t manage to detonate the device this time, they do still have Mr. White under their supervision and control.

Now that The Flame had prevented disruption to logistics, new orders came in from Prime Minister Gerald Edward Shaw. They were instructed to shut down the illegal anti-government rebel radio show Voice of Reasonand capture its host DJ Dystopia.  It wasn’t long before his hideout was identified as building 6 (D3), and with both alliances descending upon his position he was forced to make a move. Bristol Recon – who were currently guarding the DJ – formulated a plan to move him through the buildings from 6 (D3) up towards 1 (C1), where they were stalled by The Flame and lost a few team members. This didn’t prevent Dystopia attempting a last dash across C2 towards the recently announced extraction point in the wooded area behind D1. With the extraction point already secured by the The Rain, there were too few troops dispatched by The Flame to prevent the safe extraction of DJ Dystopia and failed to advance far beyond the train line.

The Rain had been successful in both taking prisoner Thomas Stonewall and in the safe extraction of DJ Dystopia, who is said to be extremely grateful to The Rain troops who defended him. If captured by The Flame it would most definitely have resulted in The Black Squad carrying out a public execution of the DJ during the next operation. Both alliances secured three locations with intel, which will split assistance in future Operations equally between them and provide neither alliance with the upper hand. Unfortunately for The Rain, failing to detonate their purchased explosive device was a significant failure and now allows additional troops to be transported by road and rail to the town of Longmoor without further disruption, bolstering the presence of The Flame in the town. This was announced by the rebel leaders as totally unacceptable and must not be repeated in future.

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