As the evening slowly rolled in and Flame troops patrolled the training facility that held young Flame recruits, Rain Spec Op troops silently infiltrated themselves into the Billets. The New Parliament’s Deputy Prime Minister, John Stanwyck sitting in his offices at the back on the base could not know what was heading his way.

One by one the Rain troops located the sleeping Flame recruits in the first few Billets. Silently they secured each recruit bagging their heads and tying them up, then calling in for vehicle extraction knowing that this will start the shit storm earlier than they intended.

To find and secure more recruits the Rain had to cross buildings. It was still daylight so as they pushed across the open road both both Royal Guard and Black Squads spotted the Rain Spec Ops unit and engaged cutting the advance into the far billets off.

While Spec Ops troops hold the first captured recruits and await their extraction Flame troops push into the buildings hunting them down. Realising what the Rain troops are trying to achieve the troops stationed on base attempt to secure the young recruits. In the panic one recruit flees from his billet and runs across the yard towards the exit right into the Rain troops hands. With three recruits secured a Rain truck pushes through the bases fence and into the base to extract the recruits.

With only one recruit remaining on base the Flame suffered a big loss in young troop numbers but were now on the attack. The Flame base was being used as a central central hub for strategic planning because of this there is significant amounts of vital intelligence on site. It was vital that the Flame troops locate all assets and intelligence secure them and photograph them before the Rain spec op troops find them.

One piece of intelligence highlighted by command is known to list the identity of an undercover Flame operative hidden within the Rain special ops team. If the Rain find this intel before the Flame troops they will know the undercover agents identity and take him prisoner. The battle started to rage in and around the billets, as it did the sun started to set making it harder for both troops to find the intel. In the central most building the Rain had found TOP SECRET intel with information and a photograph of an undercover agent within their ranks. They secure the area and take a photograph of the paperwork. In their hurry the photographs they took were dark and hard to make out. Knowing he might be found out the undercover Flame agent took a back seat to the fighting and took on medical duties.

The Flame knew they had to move the Deputy Prime Minister to safety as soon as possible. By doing so they would have to secure the many vehicles around billet so they can transport DPM to safety in a vehicle and troop convoy.

Expectant of the Rain to actively target vehicles around the Flame base and destroy them, to deny The Flame of their use. All remaining Flame troops moved out to hold the vehicles. Each vehicle the Rain could destroy meant less recruits they would be able to evacuate.

Rain spec ops team got busy employing a remotely controlled, mobile IED device to destroy vehicles. Quickly the first mobile IED device was on the field driving in between both Rain and Flame towards its first target a large van in the corner of the billet. Within seconds the first device was under the van and exploded sending shrapnel and flame in all directions. 

A second car parked in the middle of the base was quickly in flames as a second mobile IED was deployed with success. The last two vehicles and quad bikes sat at the back of the billet. Rain spec op troops moved forward in the darkness trying to make ground as to enable another mobile IED device room to hit these targets. After twenty minutes of fighting the driver of the Rain IED device was hit and killed on his approach. Meaning the Rain had to fall back and re gather their remaining forces.

Stopping the Rain destroying all their vehicles the Flame now knew they had this one last opportunity to escape the billet with the Deputy Prime Minister and remaining trainees. Forming a convoy of a truck two quad bikes and a van they set out on the only remaining route out of the billet. All knowing they were walking slowly towards any Rain spec op troops still active inside the perimeter.

With high risk of IED or RPG Rain attack the Flame troops knew they would take heavy casualties but with their main objective safely in the back of their van they started along their escape route. Half way around the billet grenades were thrown from inside the billet buildings disabling a quad bike and its driver. Pushing forward the remaining van and truck pushed around one of the last billet corners to find a Rain made barricade blocking the road out. Suddenly all hell broke loose fire from every direction came raining down on the vehicles.

Backing up to a billet entrance the Flame decided to extract the Deputy Prime Minister the remaining distance on foot. The Flame surrounded the DPM pulling him out of the vehicle in a now pitch black billet. As they walked through the first room made up of beds and cupboards two hidden Rain Spec Ops wearing night vision made sure to take the DPMs life with four shots to the chest doing so they revealed their positions and were instantly killed but their objective was complete.

The few remaining Flame troops knew they had to secure and escape with the DPMs body so to not allow a media backlash on The Flame. Slowly sneaking their way though the pitch black billet buildings the Flame call their last remaining vehicle to go around the brocades and pull up near the entrance end of the billet. On arrival the body of John Stanwyck is put into the boot of the truck and driven off.

The Rain being successful in their first Spec Op mission retreat back through the main gates and call in a personnel extraction for themselves back to Rain HQ.

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