The story so far


People shouldn’t be afraid of their government. Governments should be afraid of their people.

The worlds governments have failed its people, the divide between rich and poor had become too great. Fuel, gas and tax prices had risen so drastically that the percentage of homeless and destitute people living on the streets had risen to an all time high. With Scotland declaring independence, more areas of the United kingdom were doing the same, with Cornwall and Wales leading the way in distancing themselves further from the Government.

Public opinion regarding the sending of troops to fight wars in the middle east had changed. No longer did they sit in silence and risk the lives of their children to tyrannical war over money, oil and corruption. The greed of banks and governing bodies became too much, with the people no longer trusting the Government or those in charge. They wanted change, the people wanted a revolution.


Twenty-five members of the British Revolutionary Group ‘UK Unrest’ were shot and killed during a peaceful protest outside the Houses of Parliament in the City of London. The murders sparked an uprising, with rebel groups forming to hunt down and kill police and government officials in their hundreds. Similar groups began to form across the globe and after months of violent clashes, one by one, each country was ordered into lockdown, this day became better known as ‘Day I’ or Isolation Day.

Government forces, including the Metropolitan Police and the remaining loyal armed forces, were called upon to fight for King and country. Setting up militarised patrol zones within the cities still operated by the government, including London, Portsmouth, Nottingham, Liverpool & York. One month after ‘Day I’ the UK Government – now known as ‘The Flame’ – enforced new laws upon it’s people.


  • Firearms may only be carried by Government personnel only.
  • All protests are strictly forbidden.
  • Radio and TV stations preaching hate crime will be located and shut down.
  • National Healthcare and education services are limited to Government officials, workers and their families.
  • Any person found out of their home after 9pm will be fired upon without warning.
  • Any person found to be helping or collaborating with terrorist forces will be executed on site.
  • Movement between cities and ports is restricted to Government members and officials.

This new set of laws were known as The Purge Laws, a way of segregating and preventing rebel forces moving or trading within cities or ports, creating a police state.

Sections of the British Military who believed in the revolution had split from their Government service and formed the ‘Free Peoples Army’ also known as The FPA. A separate militia also formed from what was once the peaceful group “UK Unrest”, which spawned Guy’s Army. This army quickly became widely known for its use of explosives and hard hitting violent tactics.

The FPA and Guy’s Army combined forces to create ‘The Rain’, which was quickly labeled as a terrorist group by the Government. The Rain were located across the length and breadth of the UK, coming up with ingenious ways to travel and communicate within the militarised zones. Safe areas known as “Shadow Galleries” were established beneath the city in abandoned tube systems.

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