Infiltration Airsoft was set up with the aim of bringing together honest, fair playing airsofters wanting to experience a modern airsoft game. We want to emphasise teamwork, which will be key to the events we are running and missions throughout our operations.

We are an apocalyptic scenario airsoft series. Every one of our events affects the nexts events. Story, objectives, characters and the dystopian world as a whole.

We run a mix of one and two day events at sites around the country including urban, cqb and woodland. During the year a number of smaller length spec ops cqb games will also take place.

A number of characters described in the Infiltration vault will be there to fight alongside you and your faction, helping the alliance complete missions and objectives. Choose your side and be a part of – what we hope is – a new revolution in airsoft operations.

If you wish to find out more about our general airsoft operation event rules they can be read here, additionally you can refer to our terms and conditions for further information.