Being a part of either the Rain or Flame makes you part of the Infiltration world. When in an operation you will encounter neutral characters all around you. You might want to talk to the guys running the local market, or find Arms dealer Mr White is willing to lend you a hand. The Forgotten are always found wandering the site looking for the odd coin.

While searching for the enemy you may come across a drugs lab making drugs for the Rain or a wounded person that needs your help. Drug smuggling has become common place and can be useful if trying to find out more intel.

At times you may be called upon to protect and extract a neutral character to your benefit. Or you may be asked to hunt one down take them prisoner or execute them.


Civilians try to mind their own business they tend to try and stay out of the fighting and avoid it entirely if they can.  Some however do get caught up in it, some get taken prisoner for either getting in the Black Squads way or selling goods to the Rain, some just get caught in crossfire when hanging out their washing.

With ports and airports closed small businesses around Britain are booming. Markets are prevalent in each town village and district. So there is always a civilian presence on the streets either doing shopping getting from one place to another or socialising.


The leader of the Forgotten is Felix. He leads this gang of youths and makes them follow certain rules so they don’t get too greedy and caught by The Black Squads. Felix has learnt that if they are to survive, they need to step up their game. To earn more credits for food and water he has got them working more and more with Flame and Rain troops. Thieving scraps doesn’t feed whole gangs.

Felix along with the rest of the Forgotten wear brown rags around their faces and arms.


Probably the most untrustworthy character in London. Steve – or Mr. White as he likes to be known – has no allegiance apart from his one true love, credits. He can be found wheeling and dealing all over town. A hairy, tough looking little character that can be bought as a hired gun, for the right price. Alternatively, if it isn’t an extra gun you’re looking for, he quite often knows what’s going down and will reveal some details for the right price.

mrwhiteRecently Mr.White was found living and trading in the town of Longmoor, while there he provided arms to both sides in the war. The Rain paid him to supply and plant a bomb near the main road and train line in Longmoor in an attempt to stop the supply of Flame troops.

When The Rain didn’t show on time with payment White panicked and hid in Longmoor. He was found and captured by The Rain to activate the bomb but the flame got there first and they were unsuccessful. The slippery Mr. White managed to walk from the Rain’s base and relocate to an unknown location once the battle at Longmoor was over.


The press teams keep the civilians up to date with the latest happenings in the revolution via the Nations Journal an independent broadsheet newspaper. They can be found on the front line photographing the most dangerous of situations, risking their own lives to capture the history of Britain as it happens.

The FNN (Flame News Network) can be found during battles filming the fighting and reporting the latest happenings in the war.


Shepard Cobb lived as a derelict for three years until he experienced an epiphany about his place in the world. He was suddenly seized with purpose, and joined the London True Cross Abbey. As an adept fighter himself, Cobb once served in the forces. He now travels across the UK, visiting military bases and settlements to spread the word of peace to all that will listen.


Depending on location you will find these untrustworthy traders flogging their wares. They will sell you anything from food, water, guns to Intel and rumours. Make sure to be canny with your credits.

Many markets are also being used for drug smuggling, lots of unsavoury characters can be found hanging out around the markets.


The Forgotten are a large gang of orphaned youths. Most live in sewers, some of the luckier ones shelter in the Shadow galleries among The Rain’s troops. They are used by some troops as their eyes and ears in return for payment of credits or food. They wear civilian clothing, including brown rags to protect their knees, hands and face.

You can usually find them hanging out by shop stalls or market places, stealing or scrounging food and credits from civilians or troops from The Flame. If you see them hanging around you can persuade them to return any intel to your base of operations or to scout ahead and see what is going on for credits.


Since Britain’s home war started the homeless numbers have risen from 6437 to 15,428. They can be found camped out on the streets of London or towns situated around Britain. The homeless if not asleep are always willing to make some credits, sometimes they will know the location of objectives and sometimes they will try and just fiddle you for your money.