All event dates and locations will be posted here when an event is announced and tickets are ready for sale. They will be posted up on our main page ready to take bookings.

SPEC OP CELL - 17th March 2018, The Gaol

OPERATION FORBRUKE (Ceasefire Party) - 19th May 2018, The Humber 

OPERATION DAGAN - 11th & 12th August 2018, Caerwent training area 

Ticket and game day information

Once you book your ticket/s you will receive a confirmation email on your purchase. Prior to the event news, propaganda, video and game day information will be released from the relevant sources linked below.

Game day: When you arrive on game day you will be met at the gates to be checked into the car park. After unloading your gear into the safety area you will need to then check in with the front desk and collect your death rag if you haven’t already got one from a previous event.

The IA team will notify you again of times of when safety briefing starts and game begins. If it is a weekend event there will be time allocated to sort your sleeping arrangements out and gear.

Depending on the size of game operation and faction based groups will be setup nearer the time of the event for players to organise beforehand.

Main Infiltration Airsoft Page: Infiltration Airsoft

Main IA player Group: Infiltration Ops

Britain’s News & Propaganda: Nation's Journal

Nation's Journal Facebook: NJ Facebook Group

Flame Group: Flame Ops

Rain Group: Rain Ops

We also run a few helpful pages to help players sell items they need shifting and a carshare page to enable players from all over the country to our events.

Car Sharing: IA Car Share

Player Sales Page: IA Player Sales