During operations you will meet and interact with groups of people. Making alliances with some of these groups might be integral to the completion of a mission. Marauders are known to be easily persuaded to fight for you for the right price. They are also known to sway the other way and stab you in the back just as easily.

Bletchley 8

Bletchley 8 started out as a neutral group made up of university professors, hackers, ex Mi5 and Mi6.

The 8 are named after hut ‘8’ where they solved the enigma puzzle. Their motivation is to reveal the true nature of the war and Volktech’s involvement in it and to shorten the war by revealing sensitive tactical information and war crimes from both sides. Turn the civilian population against Volktech and restore a unified government.

Their recent involvement in Operation Fallen Angel saw them hack into Volktech satellite Angel VI. They managed to bring the satellite to the ground doing so they had to make an alliance with The Rain. With the Rain they retrieved a Volktech power source from the fallen satellite. Since then they are being partly blamed for the fall out when the remaining power source exploded when not being removed and stabilised.


With no solid government structure governing the whole of Britain, cities and towns have fragmented. Lots of people have been left vulnerable without protection, leadership or guidance. Outside of Britain’s main cities and towns most villages have been left to either muddle together a marshal law or fall into the hands of the feral young men and women left destitute and homeless due to the war.

These wild people are said to travel in small groups and have no real objective other than to pillage as much food and valuables as they can. As time has gone on and the pickings have become slimmer the wild men have grouped together and become more violent. Houses are are being needlessly burned to the ground and civilians are being captured and killed if they do not give over their possessions.

Since starting to group together in small encampments the wildmen known now as Marauders by Flame and Rain soldiers have started taking orders from one person, a women called Mama. Reports from Operation Uncharted were that the Marauders were seen cooking up what looked like whole human feet in big saucepans over a fire.


VOLKTECH are an arms dealer based in Germany but are found across most of Europe with bases in Franch and Poland. Their famous VOLKTECH Tower building has just finished construction this year in Croatia. VOLKTECH supply both sides of the war with in battle perks, these perks include highly trained soldiers supplied by VOLKTECH themselves.

Safes can be found around battlefields once hacked the perks found inside are to be taken back to your Ops base. There you can organise for your Volktech perk to be deployed into the battlefield.


Nation’s Journal was started when Scotland and Wales declared their independence from Britain. Wanted to provide a neutral outlook on all the happenings across what was once Great Britain. It is now Britain’s only Independent broadsheet.

They have a team of journalists and photographers working for them that travel the country to keep up with the latest on the war.


The drugs trade have always been a problem for the Government. Now the Rain have started creating Devil’s Blessed the drugs trade within England is booming. Drug dealers are openly pushing drugs onto soldiers and civilians since the war broke out. Drug dealers have become lesser of a priority these recent months.

Devils blessing

Devil’s Blessing is an 85% proof meth amphetamine that is being sold across Britain. The Meth itself has a trademark red colour and is said to be extremely dangerous to consume. The high you receive is meant to last for hours but during this time it causes extreme hallucinations. Addicts soon gain terrible sores all over their bodies which bleed profusely.

The Flame is attributing this rise in violence to the new drug being on the market. The drug is known as Devil’s Blessing because of it’s red colour, the violent acts it causes and the small devil symbols printed on every packet sold.