Our story will take you on a journey around Britain and across the sea, discover the variety of venues our operations have been and will take you in future. From districts in London, MOD bases, hospitals, mental institutions, countryside, towns and villages around the UK you will find them all here.


The tunnels under the hills of Drakelow were once an ex government nuclear power facility and bunker. They are now left desolate with a lot of the equipment still remaining inside. Devil’s Blessing drug addicts are thought to reside within locals that have tried to setup camp underground in its supposed safe tunnels have never returned from its depths.


Just outside lies the Kent countryside. Through here lay Flame supply routes and roads which were once well travelled by the public. Recent mysterious attacks on Flame convoys led to Flame and Rain troops fighting it out over lost intel in the countryside.

A group called Mama’s Marauders have set up many encampments throughout the dense woodland and fields. They have recently become more brash as supplies in the small towns throughout the countryside are becoming scarcer.

Many now have left Kent and either moved into Flame controlled cities and towns or joined many of the Fortification towns as they are now called which have secured by the towns people in them. These towns are neither loyal to the Flame or Rain.


The location for the fallen Volktech satellite Angel VI. Battle for Fallen Angel took place across the plains, with Flame and Rain trying to capture land around the crash site. The land was left devastated after Angel VI’s remaining power core exploded and caused a massive amount of damage to the local area.

Locals have become extremely sick in in the area a lot of blaming the power core and the use of nuclear technology within it.


London is the most populous city in Britain with a metropolitan area of over 13 million inhabitants. When the war began and the Flame government took over they started to secure the largest of Britain’s cities. Recently a dossier by the Flame revealed plans to build a large wall around London and several other cities across England.

If this was to happen it would leave the already very isolated towns and villages around the country even more isolated from government rule. The Flame rule from The Houses of Parliament while all Rain activity within London is run from the now closed London Underground.

The city has become a very dangerous place to live, with certain districts heavily supporting The Rain. The district of Tower Hamlet is under the full control of The Rain.


The London district of Tower Hamlet – is well known to be predominantly supporting The Rain. Large outposts operated by The Rain are located within the district and recent intelligence states that prisoner of war, Captain Thomas Stonewall, may well be held within this location.

Masses of Rain propaganda has been found across the capital, including, but not limited to, posters and large leaflet drops. Prime Minister Gerald Shaw has ordered troops to dispose of any such materials found on site as part of his plan to prevent any further opposition recruitment, potentially putting an end to the uprising.

The homeless contingent in Tower Hamlet is very high and you will fine them wandering around aimlessly looking for credits and food. Drugs are now also rife with the district with dealers pushing drugs onto civilians and troops of both sides.


The rural town of Longmoor sits in the South East of England. Well known for once being idyllic un-touched it has now like most of the country been heavily affected by the war. The Flame have built heavy defences within the town including a bastion. 

Longmoor is home to families of many of The Rain, including estates belonging to the rebel leader Shakespeare. After recent battles Longmoor now has a heavy Flame contingent.



The Government have formed larger settlements in the abandoned army barracks, using them as crucial supply stores and trade points. The living conditions are cramped and uncomfortable, but food is readily available for whoever chooses to live in the compounds. Valravn is a barracks on the outskirts of London which houses hundreds of civilians, who are free to live and trade there. The Black Squads patrol the barracks with iron fist, with anyone caught aiding or housing members of The Rain publicly executed, without trial.

It is said that so many have died within the barracks, you could not see the floor through the mass of bodies. The battles were fierce and bloody as the rebels tried again and again to take the barracks but each time failed to succeed. The barracks was soon given the name Valravn, as a result of the swarms of ravens that came to consume countless bodies of those who had fallen on the battlefield.