Minimum age of 16 is required, this player must to be accompanied by a player aged 18 years or older who has previously attended an Infiltration Op and can vouch for this player. They will be required to take responsibility for them throughout the event.

No two tone allowed.


Any gun a player intends to use on the day of the event is required to be chronographed before the safety briefing.

The following limits are all based on a 0.2g BB.

All weapons, excluding snipers & DMRs must not exceed 350 FPS.

DMRs have an increased limit of 450 FPS, however there is a minimum engagement distance of 30 metres.

Snipers have an increased limit of 500 FPS, however there is a minimum engagement distance of 30 metres. A side-arm may be used to engage with a player falling inside this limit.


Eye protection must be worn at all times while in the playing area, at no time must it be removed unless you are in a designated “safe zone”.

Any player under the age of 18 must wear full face protection, covering both the eyes and mouth.

Over 18s must wear sufficient protection covering eyes, face protection is recommended replacing your smile is expensive and we cannot be held responsible for any lost or damaged teeth.


For all guns except support weapons:

  • 600 rounds to be held in magazines. No loose ammo may be carried on your person in game, instead you should make use of your designated team respawn areas.
  • Only mid and low-cap magazines may be used unless there are none available for your specific gun model, please speak with us.

Please note: Not having any mid or low cap magazines is not the same as them not being available. If you use an M4, MP5 etc. then these are most certainly available. If you are unable to get hold of any, please get in touch and we can help source some for you.

Support weapons

1 x box magazine with a maximum of 3,000 rounds, these may be carried in several magazines. Again no loose ammo is to be carried.

Backup weapons / side arms

Pistols are the only secondary weapons that you may carry with unlimited ammunition. If you are using an SMG, MP5K, MP9 etc. the ammo allowance for these will come out of your main allowance.

Snipers must carry a side arm weapon, which can be an SMG if preferred.


Teams are divided by the camouflage they wear. 

Camouflage :-

Black Squad – Black & Blue
Royal Guard – Desert, Tan, Multicam, MTP
Titan PMC – PMC mix of Tan and black they may also mix in Desert, Tan, Multicam, MTP

The Flame must not wear any Green camo or colours under their plate carrier or rig and must avoid civilian clothing.

Free People’s Army – Green, Woodland/urban or digital camo
Guy’s Army – Green, Woodland/urban or digital camo
The Defiance – Civilian dress with mismatched military gear (Think made, stolen, borrowed).

The Rain must not wear any tan, black camo or colours under their plate carrier or rig.

Plate Carriers, Rigs :-

Both teams can wear whatever colour plate carriers they wish. We advice both teams to use common sense if you are on the Rain side and your load out has a lot of tan accessories i.e. tan hat, drop pouch, leg pouches you may at times receive friendly fire. With this in mind we recommend you try and build your load out with the teams colours in mind. Adding a green or tan shemage to your load out helps as well.

On the battlefield it is up to both teams to identify your enemy before engaging. These are simple rules of engagement and adds to the realism of the event. We do not wear Red and Blue armbands for this reason you are all in a battlefield and it is up to you to identify your friend from foe.


There is no such thing as a “BANG” rule.

Ricochets do not count as hits, you may wish to identify these to your opposition to ensure they are aware that they are not direct hits.

All inside areas and buildings are restricted to single shot only. Sniper rifles that shoot over 350 FPS cannot be used to shoot inside unless you are shooting from the inside out.

You may use full auto in all outside areas, this includes shooting from at outdoor area into a building or within a building to a target outside.

Knife kills are only allowed if you are armed with a rubber knife in your hand. If you are killed using a knife take this as a silent kill, using your death rag and walk back to your ops room to respawn.

Dead men do not talk, not even through radios.

All grenade kills are instant deaths (no medic), and have a 5 metre kill radius on all grenades.


Only appointed pyrotechnics to be used on site, you are welcome to bring your own but we can only allow those from the following manufactures, if in doubt please ask first – no home made pyrotechnics.

  • Enola Gaye
  • X-plode electrical maroons
  • SWAT
  • TRMR
  • Oshi Boom
  • Socom MK5

Paper pyrotechnics must be at maximum MK5 or equivalent. The same goes for remote detonators must be used with nothing larger than a electric detonated MK5.
Reusable Ie VTG, SWAT products and Ohshi Boom shotgun primer or 9mm only (not 12g!)

Pyro bang limits

You may only carry a total of 6 pyro or BFG with you at one time, you can re-load back in your ops room.

Unlimited smokes allowed.


When hit in game, the hit player will call their hit, kneel or sit on the ground and place your Infiltration death rag either up high in your hand, or top of your head or helmet.

You can then call for a medic to assist you. Once approached by a another player, they will count up slowly from 1 to 10 over a period of 10 seconds, allowing you to come back into the game when reaching 10.

Each player can only be revived by a medic twice per life, on your third hit you are dead and must return to your team Ops Centre to respawn.

If you are shot while being revived by a medic, both yourself and the medic are both hit and must return to Ops Centre to respawn.

A hit player can be dragged along the ground, or carried if held by both arms by two team mates, to a safe location to be seen by a medic. A hit player cannot move any distance unless dragged or held and carried by two team members.


Radios channels used will be according to our Baofeng bf-888s

7 – The Rain
8 – The Flame
9 – Staff Only (Off limits to players, anyone caught using this channel will have radio confiscated and stand the risk of ruining the day.)

Frequencies will be provided for each of these channels.

PMR radios

If you have PMR radios, frequencies for The Flame are: 1-4 and The Rain: 5-8


A detailed list of characters can be found in our Vault section of the site. Characters on site will include civilians, homeless, press teams, drug dealers, Marauders, along with many many more. All characters can be shot in game, when shot they will raise their death rag above their heads. You are then able to medic these in game characters.


You are not allowed to fire at the vehicles driver or front passenger. Any passengers in the back of vehicles are fair game and if hit must dismount the vehicle at a safe opportunity.


Infiltration Airsoft run with minimal visual marshals. Multiple player marshals will be present on each team.  If you have any issues please contact them or find one of the visual team members on site. We will be able to be contacted via the radio channel given in briefing.

We accept a zero tolerance on any cheating – anyone caught knowingly cheating will be removed from the site and banned from any future events. Any player claiming not to be able to feel hits due to large amounts of equipment may be asked to remove some of their kit (a bag will be provided to carry any kit) in order to enable the player to feel any hits.

A more detailed site specific briefing will be provided on the day.