The Flame

Those that remain loyal to King and country choose to fight for The Flame, the government ruling Britain. Currently controlling militarised zones within the cities still operated by the Government, including London, Portsmouth, Nottingham, Liverpool & York. The Flame fight and hunt the rebels daily to take back the country they are passionate about.

The Flame military and current forces are now made up of the Black Squads and the Royal Guard. A private militia called Titan PMC also fight alongside the Flame.


Remain loyal to King and country by choosing to fight for The Flame. Currently controlling militarised zones within the cities still operated by the Government, including London, Portsmouth, Nottingham, Liverpool & York. The Flame fight and hunt the rebels daily to take back the country they are passionate about.


Camo: Black, dark blue

The Black Squads are used to manage the public and enforce all Government rules. Made up from ex special forces, these guys are ruthless and highly violent, patrolling the streets day and night to enforce the Purge Laws. They are well known for prisoner executions on street corners with no prior warning.


Camo: Desert, Tan, Multicam, MTP

Those still loyal to the British Government and the King can be found within ranks of The Royal Guard. They are highly trained and fiercely loyal soldiers that make use of high end equipment to hunt down enemies and objectives. They have a tendency to use a lot of heavy military weaponry and will almost always be deployed with a support gunner and sniper.


Camo: PMC, Uniform (tan/black top & trousers) Desert, Tan, Multicam (No Civilian clothing)

Closely held allies to the UK Government are the American Government. Although America is facing a civil war of it’s own due to overwhelming fire power and military presence, they – unlike the United Kingdom -; were able to take entire cities and states under its control. This has allowed them to set up large, defensive strongholds and cope far better with the rebel threat. United States along with British private militia have joined forces to fight alongside the Flame.


The FNN were set up by the new Flame government when the war began. They can be found on the front line of most battles inside of London. The FNN not only broadcast on TV but also over the radio waves currently only within London.

Footage filmed by a Flame News Network team that was taken by the Rain during Operation Liberation has been found.


A demagogue and rabble-rouser belonging to none of the traditional British political parties, Gerald Shaw won the elections by waging a hate campaign against The Rain. Once in power, Gerald’s efforts to exterminate The Rain have only managed to transform London into an ever increasing battlefield. Gerald Edward Shaw is said to have taken residence in the Tower of London of which he calls his impenetrable castle.

With the UK now split into four – Britain, Wales, Scotland and rebel controlled Cornwall – the task of governing the country is nigh impossible. Gerald Shaw ordered that Hadrian’s Wall be re-constructed across the Scottish border and patrolled both day and night. He was quoted saying “If the Scottish don’t want to fight with us, they can no longer trade with us.” some say he is merely a puppet, with his strings pulled by a military dictatorship.


Jack Chase worked in private intelligence prior to the revolution. He was born in London, but after losing both his parents in a fatal car accident was force to spend many years moving between orphanages and living on the streets of London until he was eventually adopted.

He worked his way up into a government job, which led to his time in private intelligence and is now a well liked character and valued figure in the running of The Flame. His planning and decision-making have been key against the hard hitting tactical Rain units.


Leader of the Black Squads and one of the most feared men across Europe, Nightfall is a huge bulk of a man. Wearing nothing but black, he stands out on the battlefield like a nightmarish creature. His head covered with a black riot helmet makes it difficult to determine his true identity by those brave enough to attempt to get close and see for themselves.

On his back is carried a large machete, which he is very fond of taking hands with for very minor crimes. He is rarely seen on the battlefield, when he is it is never good news for the Rain.


Richard Stonewall, Captain in the British Army arrived back in the England shortly after the war was reached full flow. As leader of the Royal Guard, his main aim is to protect King and country, but above all the soldiers under his command. Having lost contact with his wife and daughter early on in the war, his only remaining family member is his now soldier son, Thomas. Richard tries every day to find his missing family, led only by the rumours that trickle down through traders and travellers to determine where to focus his next efforts.


With his father away in the middle East when the war broke out, Thomas was forced to fend for himself. Being violently separated from the rest of his family and conscripted in to the Royal Guard had a major affect on him, making him a hardy and head strong character. This led to him quickly proving himself as a soldier and allowed him to advance up the ranks within The Flame.

thomas2He was in charge of security detail at Valravn Barracks, just outside London when he got ordered to secure the town of Longmoor. He was captured by Rain troops and is still currently missing. Recent intel suggests he may be being held in the London district of Tower Hamlet.


Before the revolution Richards was head of Counter Terrorism Command for the MET Police in London. A distasteful character not liked by many and trusted by even fewer. His fondness of punishment scares even those close to him. Now at the head of The Black Squads, Richards helps keep the streets of London in order. Both he and Nightfall took control and fortified tower blocks in London in which The Black Squads operate. These blocks are now known as The Black Towers of London.