The Rain

The Rain lead the revolution. Those that choose to fight with the Rain do so to reclaim their country and rid it of tyrannical leadership and greed they believe has taken over. Quickly labelled as a terrorist group by the Government, The Rain are located across the length and breadth of the UK, coming up with ingenious ways to travel and communicate within the militarised zones. The FPA or the Free People’s Army were the first group to form within the Rain. Soon after Guy’s Army formed. Hired militia called The Hands also fight alongside the Rain.

Within the capitol the Rain have dug themselves in underground. Since the underground shut down the Rain have blockaded most of the main entrances and now use it as a tunnel network to get around London. They are known as the shadow galleries.


Join the revolution and fight with The Rain to reclaim your country and rid the country of tyrannical leadership and greed. Quickly labelled as a terrorist group by the Government, The Rain are located across the length and breadth of the UK, coming up with ingenious ways to travel and communicate within the militarised zones.


Camo: Woodland, urban or digital camo, Green (No black or tan)

The Free People’s Army core consists of forces gathered from around the UK, no longer having faith in the current Government. They have recruited and joined ranks with many smaller, independent rebel forces to form the FPA, to become a group of highly trained ex-soldiers posing a significant threat the The Flame.


Camo: Civilian dress strongly encouraged, Woodland, Urban or Digital camo, Green (No black or tan) 

Guy’s Army were first to the front line in the war against The Flame. Labelled as terrorists, they have used simple, yet highly effective bomb attacks against vehicle convoys and trains. Within the first weeks of the war they attempted to blow up the Houses of Parliament, only managing to take out part of the Victoria Tower (Big Ben) and guard rooms. Since then they have been referred to as Guy Fawkes Army, or Guy’s Army.


Camo: Civilian Dress with mismatched military gear (think made, stolen or borrowed) - No black or tan

The Civilian militia, also known by most as “The Defiance”, consists of angry civilians with some ex service personnel lending their organisational and tactical skills. Many members of The Defiance have lost family members when The Purge was put into place and have had enough of the oppression of the police state many have sworn to take bloody revenge on all Black Squad units, making them even more deadly as an ally in The Rain’s fight for freedom.


Ben Locksley’s name is never spoken of throughout the ranks of The Flame and is avoided with good reason. He led the original attacks on Government forces, gathering together what is now known as Guys Army. After attempting to blow up the Houses of Parliament he supposedly stated he was simply trying to rid our country of a den of thieves.

He is said to wear a hood over his head and carry a crossbow on his back, dressed in the well-known green rebel colours. Although an obvious figure, any attempt at capturing him thus far has led to ambush and failure.

It is said that he is the head of Guy’s Army, that he runs everything from the shadow galleries beneath London. Rumour even has it that the bomb attacks on government buildings were funded by the fortunes he has stolen from the Bank of England. As most have never even seen him, public opinion is that he does not actually exist and that The Flame have created him as a figurehead for anti-Rain propaganda.


The rebel radio show host – Dystopia – runs Voice of Reason, an illegally broadcast, anti-government radio show. It is said that when the revolution began, Dystopia had been living on the streets of London. A rough, hairy man said to once have been a smart, high-flying businessman who lost it all and turned to alcohol as a result.

All anti-government radio and TV channels are forbidden, therefore Dystopia migrates his base of operations every couple of days to prevent being tracked down, caught and publicly executed.


Leader of the Free Peoples Army is Shakespeare, thus named for his grand rallying speeches, a legend among The Rain. Originally from a well to do family who owned large estates in England, Wales and Scotland. He helped fund the majority of The Rain, providing them with weapons and food that enabled them to stand up and fight against The Flame. Some say he is of relation to the leader of The Black Squad, Nightfall. If this were true, it could severely damage his credibility as leader of The Free Peoples Army.

Said to be a fierce fighter, Shakespeare is seen fighting across the length and breath of Britain, stating he will not stop until his country is rid of the vermin infestation or his life taken.


stuarteleeStuart E,Lee was once an engineer in the British Army, but now leads operations with The FPA. As an engineer Stuart helped set up the Shadow Tunnels in the London underground, sealing off all public entrances and allowing The Rain to operate beneath the streets of London without being caught. Known as the Pied Piper, he can navigate through the unlit tunnels with his eyes closed and is often sighted popping up all around the city, closely followed by the FPA troops.