Operation Forbruke

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Since the war began both Flame and Rain have come into contact with Marauder forces. Be it at Operation Uncharted or Fallen Angel Marauders have been taking advantage of scarcely populated areas. Pillaging and growing their troop numbers. Across the country large Marauder towns have been setup. One of the largest heavily fortified marauder settlements is Forbruke.

Further details are pending completion of previous missions. 


Operation Forbruke will be a one day event leading into an evening party. Live music, food and fireworks will give the players an opportunity to chill out with a beer and friends. 


In a mutual agreement, both The Flame and The Rain officials have agreed that once a year, a ceasefire will commence, where troops will ordered to put down their weapons and come together in peace for one night. Many individuals caught up in the war have friends and family on opposing alliance, so this peace treaty will allow those people to see one another.

A drinks bar will be available at the party for all troops, along with a wagon full of meaty goods for your consumption. For your entertainment, live music will be played during the evening, providing you with the opportunity to chill out after a days fighting and camp at the end of it.


Humber Airsoft located in a massive chalk and woodland quarry site in Leggotts Quarry, North Lincolnshire. 

The Humber provides a mixed terrain of chalk hills and fortified encampments. Long stretches of woodland provides cover to smaller shake type encampments. Roads weave around the whole site allowing the use of multiple vehicles throughout the day.

Event Rules | Terms & Conditions


20:00 Player camping arrival


8:00 – 9:00 Arrival

10:00 Safety Briefing

19:00 Endex

19:30 Onwards Ceasefire Party

Sunday 20TH MAY 2018

07:30 Player leaving time

Humber Airsoft – East Midlands

Humber Airsoft, Leggotts Quarry, Barton Road (A1077), South Ferriby Cliff, North Lincolnshire

(Map)  (The Humber website)



Remain loyal to King and country by choosing to fight for The Flame. Currently controlling militarised zones within the cities still operated by the Government, including London, Portsmouth, Nottingham, Liverpool & York. The Flame fight and hunt the rebels daily to take back the country they are passionate about.


Camo: Black, dark blue

The Black Squads are used to manage the public and enforce all Government rules. Made up from ex special forces, these guys are ruthless and highly violent, patrolling the streets day and night to enforce the Purge Laws. They are well known for prisoner executions on street corners with no prior warning.


Camo: Desert, Tan, Multicam, MTP

Those still loyal to the British Government and the King can be found within ranks of The Royal Guard. They are highly trained and fiercely loyal soldiers that make use of high end equipment to hunt down enemies and objectives. They have a tendency to use a lot of heavy military weaponry and will almost always be deployed with a support gunner and sniper.


Camo: PMC, Uniform (tan/black top & trousers) Desert, Tan, Multicam (No Civilian clothing)

Closely held allies to the UK Government are the American Government. Although America is facing a civil war of it’s own due to overwhelming fire power and military presence, they – unlike the United Kingdom -; were able to take entire cities and states under its control. This has allowed them to set up large, defensive strongholds and cope far better with the rebel threat. United States along with British private militia have joined forces to fight alongside the Flame.



Join the revolution and fight with The Rain to reclaim your country and rid the country of tyrannical leadership and greed. Quickly labelled as a terrorist group by the Government, The Rain are located across the length and breadth of the UK, coming up with ingenious ways to travel and communicate within the militarised zones.


Camo: Woodland, urban or digital camo, Green (No black or tan)

The Free People’s Army core consists of forces gathered from around the UK, no longer having faith in the current Government. They have recruited and joined ranks with many smaller, independent rebel forces to form the FPA, to become a group of highly trained ex-soldiers posing a significant threat the The Flame.


Camo: Civilian dress strongly encouraged, Woodland, Urban or Digital camo, Green (No black or tan) 

Guy’s Army were first to the front line in the war against The Flame. Labelled as terrorists, they have used simple, yet highly effective bomb attacks against vehicle convoys and trains. Within the first weeks of the war they attempted to blow up the Houses of Parliament, only managing to take out part of the Victoria Tower (Big Ben) and guard rooms. Since then they have been referred to as Guy Fawkes Army, or Guy’s Army.


Camo: Civilian Dress with mismatched military gear (think made, stolen or borrowed) - No black or tan

The Civilian militia, also known by most as “The Defiance”, consists of angry civilians with some ex service personnel lending their organisational and tactical skills. Many members of The Defiance have lost family members when The Purge was put into place and have had enough of the oppression of the police state many have sworn to take bloody revenge on all Black Squad units, making them even more deadly as an ally in The Rain’s fight for freedom.